Ethical Storytelling. A Voice for All

Shelly Sood
2 min readAug 2, 2022

Every single one of us has a story to tell. Every one of us has had life experiences that have shaped us, either for the betterment or destruction of our core beings. It is the human condition that resonates with most. It is the act of not only survival but thriving that drives us towards others. Empathy creates camaraderie. We make assumptions that our stories will not have a human impact. However, they most certainly do — if told in an ethical, authentic way. Only those who have experienced hardships and turmoil can display the genuine authenticity of their stories in various mediums — print, film, etc.

A story should not be told solely for personal or financial gain. When we focus on ourselves and our personal motives rather than the betterment of society, we lack authenticity and meaning. As a result, we never soar. If we are writing a story for it to simply “sell” we are selling our souls.

A sensationalized story that ignites the dark circumstances to the point where the human is further lost in the trenches leads to an empty, non-impactful account where the true meaning is lost.

Human desires such as fame, fortune, or monetary gains come with authenticity. We must not lose the authenticity of our stories — for we lose our souls. This is ethical storytelling.

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Shelly Sood

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